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The City of Ripley Sanitary Board continues its efforts to modernize and improve the current wastewater (sewer) system and existing facilities to ensure compliance with environmental laws and provide the best service possible for residents of Ripley and Evans.  The City of Ripley Wastewater project has completed Phase I which included the rehabilitation of existing manholes, the construction of several new lift stations, and replacement of problem areas within the existing collection systems. This project is in direct response to the West Virginia DEP’s consent orders for both Ripley and Evans.  Phase I consisted of three separate contracts.  Contract #3, was located in Ripley and was done by PRO Contracting.  It included line replacements, new sewer force mains, and manhole rehabilitation.  Contract #4, located in Evans, was completed by Mendon Pipeline and featured line replacements and manhole rehabilitation. Contract #5 was completed by Pipe Plus and called for the rehabilitation and construction of four new lift stations in Ripley and one new station in Evans and five other lift stations in Ripley were also upgraded.  Pipe Plus also install emergency generators at five liftstations in Evans.  The collection system modernization and upgrades in Ripley allowed for the elimination of two lift stations. Thrasher Engineering was been hired by the City of Ripley to supervise the project.  Dan Ferrell of Thrasher is the project manager.   Studies are ongoing to determine the next course of action regarding a new treatment plant.  Your input is welcomed.   The City of Ripley Sanitary Board meets every third Thursday evening in the Council Chambers at City Hall beginning at 6:15 p.m. 

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