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Wastewater Improvement Project Update Phase II Now Underway
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The City of Ripley Utility Board continues its efforts to modernize and improve the wastewater (sewer) system to ensure compliance with environmental laws and provide the best possible service for residents in Ripley and Evans. 

Phase II of the Wastewater Improvement Project is now underway.  Plans are being finalized and loan and grant applications are being submitted.  Construction is expected to begin in 2020.


The Wastewater Improvement project began in 2013 as a direct response to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s (WVDEP) consent orders for both Ripley and Evans.  Heavy fines were levied against Ripley and improvements were mandated by WVDEP.  Neither system can meet water quality standards to discharge into Mill Creek. This has required a significant financial investment and increased fees for customers. 

Phase I of the Wastewater Improvement Project was completed in 2017 and included the rehabilitation of existing manholes, construction of nearly all new lift stations, and the replacement of many problem areas within the collection systems.  Completion of Phase I was a major step in achieving compliance and enhancing public and environmental safety.

Phase I Project milestones


 12” Gravity Pipe = 2,800 feet

10” Gravity Pipe = 1,800 feet

8” Gravity Pipe = 4,700 feet

6” Gravity Pipe = 400 feet

46 Manholes Removed & Replaced

65 Manholes Rehabilitated


 16” Gravity Pipe = 320 feet

15” Gravity Pipe = 160 feet

12” Gravity Pipe = 4,900 feet

10” Gravity Pipe = 2,560 feet

8” Gravity Pipe = 12,600 feet

6” Gravity Pipe = 1,200 feet

16” HDPE Force Main = 2,230 feet

10” PVC Force Main = 3,100 feet

8” PVC Force Main = 2,650 feet

6” PVC Force Main = 2,700 feet

4” PVC Force Main = 1,400 feet

125 Manholes Removed & Replaced and/or added new

70 Manholes Rehabilitated

10 new Lift stations

5 lift stations upgraded

Phase II -The Next Step

Phase II of the project calls for the construction of a state-of-the-art treatment plant which will double the current treatment capacity for Ripley and Evans.  In addition to the plant construction, a large undertaking will be the cleanout and elimination of the existing treatment lagoons in Ripley that have been collecting sewage sludge for the past 60 years.  For Evans it also involves eliminating the treatment lagoons and redirecting their collection system to the new plant being constructed in Ripley.  The new plant will remediate long term compliance challenges for Ripley and Evans.  The sewer system is an important part of the City’s infrastructure and major upgrades to the Evans and Ripley systems are necessary for future growth and economic development.  The project is a needed investment in our community.

What Does This Mean to Our Customers:

Sewer rate increases will be required to complete improvements to the system and construct a new plant at the current Straight Street location which will serve both Ripley and Evans.

These rate increases will not only help fund the system improvements but also enable the City to be eligible to seek grant dollars and to keep rates as low as possible.

During the Ripley City Council meeting Tuesday, February 19, the first reading of a rate increase ordinance took place.  The second reading and public hearing for this ordinance will take place during the March 19 session of City Council.  The first proposed rate increase will appear with the July 1, 2019 billing.  This ordinance also includes establishing future rate increases slated for January 2021 and again for the summer of 2022 to begin addressing the payment of bonds.

The City Council and Utility Board continue to be proactive in providing safe, reliable sewer service at a fair, reasonable price while conducting operations in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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