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Ripley Mayor and City Council - seated Recorder David Casto, Mayor Carolyn Rader, City Council Members Carolyn Waybright and John McGinley.  Standing - Police Chief R.L. Fridley, Council Members Ed Moore, Bryan Thompson, Ray Anderson, and City Attorney Kevin Harris.    Click Photo to Enlarge

Ripley City Council meets at 7:00 p.m. the first and third Tuesdays of each month in the Council Chambers at Ripley City Hall located at 203 S. Church Street.

City of Ripley Government E-Mail Directory (click to send)
Mayor Carolyn Rader
Recorder David Casto
Councilwoman Carolyn Waybright

Councilman Ed Moore
Councilman John McGinley
Councilman Ray Anderson
Councilman Bryan Thompson

Beautification Commission
Monnie Landis, Chairperson; John McGinley, Council Representative; Carolyn Waybright, Linda Dickirson, Sandy Dorton, Vic Yoak, David Fields, Joyce Groves, Joyce Greene, Amy McGinley, Judy Swisher, Charles Swisher, Lois Rhodes, Louise Rhodes

Board of Zoning & Appeals
Fred Batten, Thomas Layne, Suzy McGinley, Ralph Nuckles

Building Commission (Effective 03/07/2002)
Linda Dickirson, David E Moore, Ronald Waybright

Building Enforcement Agency
Kevin Harris,  City Attorney; Sam Crum, Carolyn Waybright, John McGinley, Jim Dunlap, Rick Gobble, Chief of Fire Department; Jim Fridley, Police Chief, Ex-officio; Susan Hosaflook, Health Dept.; Carolyn L Rader, Mayor

Park Commission
Tom Armstead, City Clerk, Ex-officio;  Carolyn Waybright, City Council Representative

Planning and Zoning Commission
Roger Anderson, Chairman; Carolyn Waybright, James G Frashier, Jerry Rhodes, Conard Waybright, Jeff Waybright, Doug Skeen, Jeremy Amos, Matt Anderson, Tim, Haynes, Brad Parsons.

Police Advisory Commission
Carolyn L. Rader, Mayor; David S. Casto, Recorder; Ed Moore, Council Rep.; Bryan Thompson, Council Rep.; Jim Fridley, Chief of Police; Brad Anderson, Police Force Rep.; Ron Waybright, Citizen Rep.; Becky Keller, Citizen Rep.; Ed Calhoun, Chairman

Police Hearing Board   (after first term, reappointments are then 4 yr. terms)
Joe Casto, Danny Martin, and Rick Woodyard

Sanitary Board
Carolyn L. Rader, Mayor, Chairwoman; Chris Pecka, Secretary; Rick Buckley, Gary Epling

Sokolow Committee
Carolyn L. Rader, Mayor; David S. Casto, Recorder; Rev. Charles Hicks, Chairman; Lisa Smolder, Rob Fisher, Trustee

Alleys and Sidewalks
Recorder David Casto, Council members Ray Anderson and Ed Moore

Traffic and Safety
Council members John McGinley and Bryan Thompson

Water, Sewer, Health and Welfare
Council members John McGinley and Carolyn Waybright

Recorder David Casto, Council members Bryan Thompson and Carolyn Waybright

Fire Prevention
Council members John McGinley and Ed Moore

Streets and Signs
Recorder David Casto, Council members Bryan Thompson and Ray Anderson

Youth Commission
Council members Carolyn Waybright, Ed Moore, and Ray Anderson



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