Winter Tips For Your Plumbing

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Winter weather in Ripley can be severe at times. To be prepared, the City of Ripley Water Department recommends the following:
Insulate Pipes

Don’t wait until pipes freeze. Frozen pipes can burst and result in more than a temporary inconvenience - not to mention added costs for repairs. Save time and money by insulating, or checking insulation as soon as possible.
Inspect Your Property
If you have had problems with frozen water lines in the past, in addition to insulating exposed pipes, sealing gaps and openings in basements and crawl spaces is an effective means of avoiding freeze-problems.
Leave a Faucet Dripping
Circulating water doesn’t freeze and the cost of a small trickle of water (just above the drip stage) will be low in comparison to the cost of having a service line repaired or replaced.
Winterize Outdoor Lines

Drain water lines to outdoor faucets and disconnect garden hoses from faucets.
Winterize Sprinkler Systems
Drain all water from sprinkler system and shut off supply.
Inspect Your Water Meter
Report broken or missing meter lids to the City of Ripley Water Department. The water meter will be safe from freezing if the dead air space is maintained around it. If you suspect a problem with the meter, contact the Water Department. There is no charge for an employee to come to your property.
Locate Your Main Shutoff Valve
Before a pipe breaks is the time to locate your shutoff valve. Learn how to turn it off and educate others in your household. If the Water Department can help in this regard, just let us know.
Traveling During the Winter?
Ask a friend to check your premise while you’re away, and let them know it’s OK to call on the Water Department for assistance if a need arises.
What Do I Do If My Water Meter Freezes?

If you suspect you have a frozen water meter, call the City of Ripley Water Department for help at (304) 372-5815. Do not attempt to thaw the water meter yourself as this can result in extensive damage and a possible leak. A department employee can be available from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. seven days a week and will respond as soon as possible to your request. You can reach our billing office at 304-372-3482 during normal business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After normal business hours, contact the Water Treatment Plant at (304) 372-5815.

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