Sunday April 23rd to Thursday April 27th 2017


Sunday Night City of Ripley Hydrant Flushing  (Beginning at 10 p.m.)


West Street-South Street

Maple Street-W. Main Street

Court Street-South Street

Main Street-Old Fire Station

Behind New Fire Station

North Street-North Church Street

Court Street-North Street

End of Maple Street

Court Street-West Main Street

Curve on Route 33

Route 33 - S. Church Street Rick Millers

Straight Street-Redwing Drive

Straight Street

Railroad Street

Klondyke Entrance

1st Up Klondyke

2nd Up Klondyke

Klondyke next to Substation

Curve on Klondyke

Klondyke Sonny Fisher's

School Street-Klondyke

Middle School 1

Middle School 2

Ocheltree Addition

End of Bridge Street

W. Main Street-Maple Street Courthouse

City National Bank Drive Thru

North Street/Maple Street (Courthouse Lawn rear)



Monday Night City of Ripley Hydrant Flushing  (beginning at 10 p.m.)


South Street-Route 21

1st Avenue-Charleston Drive

2nd Avenue-Charleston Drive

3rd Avenue-Charleston Drive

Baseball Field-Charleston Drive

Grade School-2nd Avenue

High School-Front

2nd Avenue-SKY Street

3rd Avenue-Pfost Street

3rd Avenue-School Street

3rd Avenue-Spring Street

End of 2nd Avenue Swimming Pool

End of 1st Avenue

2nd Avenue Armory

1st Avenue

2nd Avenue

High School-Rear

Route 21-School Street

Ed's Photogenics

Dairy Queen

Below Cleaners

Walters Street

Top of Walters Street

Spring Street-Cedarcrest Drive

Water Tank-Cedarcrest Drive

Mountaineer Lane 1

Mountaineer Lane 2

Oakview Terrace

Valley Drive

Valley Drive-Shady Lane

Greer Street-S. Church St.-Peden Lot

Greer Street-Cedar Lakes Drive

Spring Street-Cedar Lakes Drive


Greenbrier-Edgewood Circle


Greenbrier - Oak Court

Trailer Court South Rt. 21

Behind M&R Restaurant

Traders Bank

1st Avenue-Pfost Street

Valley Drive - End

End of Cedar Lakes Drive


Tuesday Night City of Ripley Hydrant Flushing  (beginning at 10 p.m.)


North Church Street-Sycamore

North Church Street-Old Liquor Store

N. Church Street-7th Street

7th Street

Hillcrest Drive

Hall Street

Hall Street 2


Tanglewood 2

Tanglewood 3

Tanglewood 4

6th Street

North Street - 7th Street

Old Green Acres

Carter Street

Randolph Drive

N. Church St. - Rt. 21 - Beauty Shop

Rt. 21 North - Plastics Plant

Sheriff's Drive - White Oak

Kingwood Circle

Ravenswood Pike-Blankenship Drive

Ravenswood Pike Below Storage Tank

North Route 21 Apartments

Pinewood Estates

Sheriff's Drive - END

Grand Central/Ravenswood Pike

Ravenswood Pike - WV Avenue

Randolph - Barberry Lane

Pfost Avenue



Wednesday Night Hydrant Flushing City of Ripley (beginning at 10 p.m.)


Old Stone Ridge


West Main - Century 21

Williams Avenue

Williams Avenue End of Street


Route 33-Claylick Road


Duke Station

Hospital Lot Exit Side

Holiday Inn Express

Jackson General Hospital - Rear/Side

Claylick Rd - Hospital - Dr. Swann's Office

New Stone Ridge (new)

Dialysis Center (new)

Olympiad/Behind McCoy's

WVU Parkersburg (PCC)

Old Heck's Building

Behind Heck's Building

Behind Hecks/Eldercare end of building

Lower End W. Ripley Trailer Park

Trailer Sales - Academy Drive

Wedgewood Village

Eldercare (across from Eldercare - new)

Claylick Road-Bullfrog & Claylick

Claylick Road - Former Casto's Body Shop

Claylick Road - WVDOH

Carter Lumber

Bob Evans 1

Bob Evans 2

Old Walmart Store 1

Old Walmart Store 2

Old Walmart Store - Rear

Academy Drive 1 (toward New Walmart)

Academy Drive 2 (toward New Walmart)

Academy Drive 3 (Walmart entrance past bridge)

New Walmart 1 (Garden Center)

New Walmart 2 (near Food Center)

New Walmart 3 (right side of store/corner)

New Walmart 4 (rear)

New Walmart 5 (left side Auto Center)



Thursday Night Hydrant Flushing City of Ripley (beginning at 10 p.m.)


Highlawn Drive-Simmons Drive

Highlawn Heights Drive

Simmons Drive

Hickory Drive

Winters Drive

Highlawn Drive-Lee Street entrance

Lee Street-Brent Circle (Johnson)

Lee Street-Brent Circle 2  (Skeen)

Vail Drive

Highlawn Drive-Scenic Drive entrance

Scenic Drive

Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive 2

Woodland Acres

Woodland Acres 2

Woodland Acres 3

Timberland Estates

Timberland Estates 2

Last on Route 33